Developing solutions to the challenges that your organisation faces in delivering community services. Delivering better outcomes for your clients and staff.

Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practised, embodied, or realised. For us it’s simply the practice of taking theory or knowledge and applying it to current work practices to ensure better client outcomes. Systems change and capacity-building efforts, based on evidence based practice!

As disability and health professionals who work and research in our chosen fields, we’re ideally positioned to work with you personally or with your organisation and staff to assist you to adopt best practice in the field of disability.

Real life experience supported by up to date thinking and knowledge.

These services are focused on employment service providers and people looking to deliver employment services that are looking to improve client placement outcomes with a focus on organisational change and staff development. Often organisations that provides services become so focused on government compliance that they loose sight of the client and the staff that work with clients. This can result in poor placement outcomes and high staff turnover, along with staff that are demotivated and just going through the motions. We can work with you to provide the intrinsic drive needed for the organisation and staff to thrive in this competitive environment.

Using our resources we can develop evidence based methodologies that will improve organisational outcomes and provide an improved experience for staff and clients alike. If you’re looking to develop a positive culture that motivates and empowers staff, creates resilience along with improving client outcomes, then we can help.

We have a well developed research capacity that can tailor current evidence based practices to suit your setting.

Currently many service providers claim to deliver customised employment from a person centred perspective, however the available evidence suggests that what they’re calling customised employment fails to pass even a modest test of customised employment. If you want to deliver true evidence based customised employment that will help you and your clients achieve long term realistic employment outcomes, then you should be talking to us.

Employment Services Consulting

Our primary focus is in undertaking qualitative research that seeks to gain an understanding of the individual experience. This may encompass your staff, service delivery, client experience, systems barriers to performance and organisational change.

Qualitative Research is focused on giving a voice to system or service users that provides real life feedback, not simply numbers. If you have a need to here whats really going on and a desire to tailor services that improve your organisation, increase service success and create a positive culture that nurtures change and improved outcomes, then we can help.


Counselling may be concerned with developmental issues, addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crises, developing personal insight and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict or improving relationships with others. we've been working with people with disabilities, families, carers and support staff, along with people with employment issues for over 10 years. Because of our background in disability services and lived experiences, we have a sound understanding of the challenges that face people with a disability and the ones around them, be they family or supporters.

We have extensive experience working with clients of JSA and DES providers addressing the barriers to employment that confront anyone who has faced periods of unemployment and the issues that confront you when you try to re-enter the workforce.I work with people with intellectual disability and behavioural issues to assist them to understand and develop new ways of expressing themselves or delivering their message is part of our practice.


We are registered to provide services direct to NDIS recipents and also provide consulting and advisory services to individuals and organisations looking to deliver services under the NDIS framework.

NDIS Services